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Midwifery Care


Midwives services start well before your baby's birthing day. Our team encourage optimal wellness during pregnancy, and empower woman to discover their options for labor and birth.

Pre Natal care is at the heart of midwifery, and we take pride in offering our clients individualized, fulfilling, and exceptional care throughout pregnancy.

Each patient is unique and the schedule of care may change depending on your unique needs.

Water Birth


Our midwive is an expert in normal childbirth underwater, our patients love the tub during labor or childbirth.

Our team view labor and birth as a normal life event-not medical one. Also they knows when something is not normal and knows how to keep mom and baby safe to promote the best outcomes for both.


 Low Risk Pregnancy  

 Diet Consultation

 Fetal Health Evaluation 

 Recurrent Pregnancy Loss or Miscarriage 

 Natural Births  


 Genetic Screening

 Natural Vaginal Birth 

 *Reproductive health (contraception counseling)

Foreign Patients
Please contact us through WhatsApp 832-260-9712
International Package Available



Pregnancy Care

Well-Woman Programs 

Yearly Exams

Cancer Screening

Contraceptive Therapy

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