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Please share with us some information to put in your chart.

We offer midwifery services that means that we take all patients with low risk pregnancy, if during pregnancy, labor or post partum a medium or high risk is identified then a plan B will be started by our team in care always trying to get the best outcome.

Now Taking New Patients........

What to bring for the miracle day ?

Newborn Staff

Newborn car seat,

Baby diapers.

2 sets of newborn clothes (0-3 months optional)


High Protein snacks could be protein bars, cereal bars.


Hydratant Beberage : Gatorade, Sporade or similar.


Dark Chocolate

Comfortable Clothes

Robes, Cotton dresses, breastfeeding brass.


"My first baby was born in 2020 in Houston Birth House and my family is very thankful for all the care we received, they are awesome.

N. Donovan

“So proud of myself.....I deliver my second baby all natural without medication and yes, I could; yes, I could. Blessings for Houston Birth House team."

K. Linn

“After one miscarriage I found this Birthing Center and thanks to God I got all the support I needed and my whole pregnancy and delivery was a very good experience, awesome memories.”

A. Bernstein  

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